2-Wheel Wheelbarrows are not as famous as the classic one, but it can be very essential if you need to transfer a lot of materials. The double wheel wheelbarrow has been designed for transporting bulky loads and using in heavy work like in construction projects. It has been recommended to use because of its stability and great capacity.

There are many brands in the market and online who claim that their product is high quality and so on. To help you from getting deceived, we have come with a list of top best ten dual-wheel wheelbarrows for you. Let’s take a look at the detail of its construction and its functions.

List of Best 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows 2021

#10. Bon Tool 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#10. Bon Tool 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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The Bon Tool double wheel wheelbarrow’s undercarriage and legs are made from a premium grade steel channel with a 16-inch of two knobby tires. It comes with an extended wood handle, offering comfy to users to pull, push, or dump a variety of items and also providing a long duration of dependable service. This durable unit can stick up to the elements. Another feature is that this two-wheel wheelbarrow has a 6-cubic steel tray with rolled lip edges, giving extra strength to load bulky items.

Along with that, it is the perfect size for handling all kinds of jobs around the garden and work construction. You can maneuver it easily even though the wheelbarrow is big as it is light in weight. It works well-balanced and it is sturdy enough to withstand the heavyweight. This is perfectly perfect for a professional landscaper or contractor.

#9. Marastar 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#9. Marastar 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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The Green Thumb wheelbarrow is manufactured by Marastar. It is one of the greatest wheelbarrows as it serves both functional value and economic value to the buyer. This great device is designed with a 300lbs load capacity. It has the ability to move on all sorts of terrain. It comes with a 5-cubic polyurethane tray and double pneumatic wheels, offering smooth movement. Made from steel and polyurethane with a black powder-coated cart, the wheelbarrow looks great and durable. Coming with a sturdy steel frame loop handle, you can lift, push, or pull effortlessly.

The benefit of this double wheel wheelbarrow is that it increases stability even when the cart is completely full. Having this wheelbarrow, Time taken to do a garden job or construction project will reduce by using this device. That’s why we suggested this brand to you.

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#8. Landworks 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#8. Landworks 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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If you are looking for an electric wheelbarrow, Lan works electric powered wheelbarrow will be your go-to. Powered by a 180W AGM battery, it enables you to load things up to 330lbs. The battery is rechargeable and fast-charged. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and safe, unlike gasoline-powered wheelbarrows. The electric powered device works quietly and does not produce smog or harsh fumes.  It can last two to five hours per full charge, depending on what you make use of it.

With the 4-cubic hopper, it can hold different types of items. You can tackle your obstacle by using this wheelbarrow as it is made in advanced technology. Above and beyond, this unit is spill-proof with vibration resistance design, go climbing with heavy things will be a lot easier. Also, it is perfect to use in cold weather as well.

#7. AMES 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#7. AMES 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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As contractors, your everyday work depends on wheelbarrows a lot. That is why you should use AMES dual-wheel wheelbarrow as its 8-cubic poly tray enables you to store more than other brands thanks to the huge tray. The undercarriage is constructed from steel with the corrosion-resistant and the top quality specifications construction, this wheelbarrow is not just perfect for daily use but it also offers a long time of reliable service. The double wheel makes it easier for you to move from one to another site with the sturdy hardwood handle, which is strongly seal coated.

Since the wheelbarrow performances well, carrying stones, cement, and other heavy materials will be a whole lot easier as it provides enough stability and control to the users. You can clean it with ease. Plus, the wheelbarrow will not be difficult or lengthy to assemble.

#6. Simply3 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#6. Simply3 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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            Another well-made, heavy-duty plastic wheelbarrow is from Simply3. The small and lightweight wheelbarrow has a 4-cubic feet capacity with wide double handles, making it effortless to hold, push, tilt, maneuver, and pull around the garden and yard. More especially, the wheel will not go flat so you can always use it to roll at any time you desire. Just like the wheel, the tray is also made of molded plastic. It means that it will never dent, break or rust, but at the same time you can maintain it easily.

With the built-in storage, you can put your tools to complete your tasks easier and faster without the need of walking back and forth to your house to get some tools. Furthermore, this wheelbarrow can stand to the elements. That is why it is so convenient to use and clean.


#5. Polar Trailer 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

#5. Polar Trailer 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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The wheelbarrow from Polar Trailer is another best wheelbarrow. If you want a smooth movement of wheelbarrow within the shortest time, this one will be the best as this cart has designed with ball bearing hubs, strong rubber tires, and rugged hauling features. That is why it can offer a smoother operation. The cart’s load capacity is up to 400lbs because of its 10-cubic feet, high impact poly tub. You can use this cart to carry and load bricks, stones, cement, and other materials.

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Besides, you can also use it to transfer stuff from your car to your camping site. This highly functional and durable double wheel wheelbarrow is extremely budget-friendly for the buyers. Having this, your work will be finished quicker and effortless. Hence, you should consider purchasing and using this useful device to sort out your work.

#4. Garden Star 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

#4. Garden Star 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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Manufactured from durable plastic, Garden Star is what you need for carrying, handling, transferring, and rotating. With the rust-resistant tray, it can hold plenty of materials such as mulch, bark bags, rocks, yard waste, debris, and so on. That is the reason why the Garden Star wheelbarrow is known to be perfect for weddings, hauling, and other work in the garden and yard. Equipping with double pneumatic tires, it provides enough stability and control for you to lift, push, and pull without much hassle. What’s more, this wheelbarrow is designed to hang on the wall and also stand upright. Thus, you can store it conveniently for later use without taking much space of yours.

It also has hand protection on the non-slip handle so that it will not hurt your palm or be difficult to grist when you load your material to your garden.

#3. Marathon 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#3. Marathon 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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For residential gardeners, the Marathon is a perfect choice. It looks simple but this is produced in sturdy construction. The tray of this cart is 5-cubic feet capacity with rustproof, impact resistance design, it means this cart will stand the element. It can hold up to 300lbs. However, it is actually light with the loop handles, which allow the user to be able to dump, pull, and push the cart effortlessly. Additionally, with the two air-filled tires, you can maneuver and lift from one place or another site with full balance. This cart takes only a few minutes to assemble.

You just need a flat-head screwdriver and crescent wrench. Since the cart is a user-friendly product for the buyer, you can buy it at a low cost. And yet it will provide excellent performance while reducing your time on fulfilling your daily garden task or construction project.

#2. Best Choice Products 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#2. Best Choice Products 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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This multi functions, large wheelbarrow from Best Choice is suitable for loading your heavy tools and other materials. Constructing from durable and sturdy steel, it is strong, stable to use but it is light in weight with the handle so you can use it comfortably while pushing, pulling and loading heavy items such as plants, mulch, rocks, dirt, etc. With the two 13inch pneumatic rubber wheels, the cart will give the most smooth performance without losing control even when you carry the bulky load on rough ground.

In addition, this wheelbarrow comes with an automatic value and an air chamber, meaning it will inflate easily. It is also weatherproof so outdoor work will not be a concern. The cart has a maximum of 330lbs load capacity. Along with the rubber handles, it fits perfectly well on all types of gloves and hands.

#1. Marathon Industries 2-Wheel Wheelbarrows

#1. Marathon Industries 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

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Lifting, balancing, and maneuvering will be easier with Marathon Industries double wheel wheelbarrow since it is the most durable and popular among the other brands. Featuring a rust-resistant 5 cubic feet poly tray with 300lbs hauling capacity, you can put and store whatever you want without falling or sliding off on the ground, which is why it is perfect for residential and daily use.

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On top of that, the loop handle will give you the most comfortable grip while dumping, pushing, or pulling. Since it is easy to assemble, it is ready to be used in just a few minutes. If you like to take your load to the max, this cart is just perfect as the large container can withstand the heavyweight and enable you to store everything you need such as logs, soil, yard waste, rocks, and debris. It provides everything you need for your work.

Buying Guides

If you wish to purchase a high-quality wheelbarrow with excellent performance, you will need to put these factors in mind. It would help you pick the best one out of all your selected brands. Also, making any purchase without knowing its essential factors, it will not come out great.

Durability: If you want to use a wheelbarrow for a long duration of time, you might want to purchase one that is made from top-grade steel as this kind of construction has a powder coat, meaning it is very durable and handy.

Load Capacity: Whether you have to carry much load or not but it is always better to get the one that can load 300lbs of maximum. As for the reason, it is quite convenient to load and move on rough ground.

Handles: This kind of unit is very tough but the handle must be both strong and comfortable so that you can grip it comfortably without hurting your palm. The handle allows you to hold it perfectly when pushing the wheelbarrow. You need to make sure that the handle is the cushioned-grip handle.

Rust-resistance: It is important to put in mind having a rusted wheelbarrow; it would look unattractive and ugly. Plus, you do not want to purchase something that costs you a hundred, and yet it gets rusty.

Easy to clean: Nobody wants to spend their valuable time on just washing and cleaning wheelbarrows as you are already exhausted from working. That’s why you should have a wheelbarrow that is effortless in cleaning.

Tub capacity: Two-wheel wheelbarrow’s tub is different from single wheel. If you need to load or move large items, you will have to select the larger tub area and capacity.

Tub material: Mostly. Steel construction is more preferable as it is durable than plastic and poly tubs. You can buy the plastic and poly one but you need to make sure that it is durable and top-quality construction.

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If you want a wheelbarrow that can help you ease your landscaping project or gardening chores, the above list will serve you right as they are made according to your preference. Whether it is construction projects or garden activates, any of these brands will reduce the effort and time you will need to spend on the work. We bet with the help of our reviews and buying tips, purchasing a wheelbarrow will not be a problem that you concern.