12 cube organizers are trending furniture that all house owners need. It is a shelf that contains 12 slots that are all hollowed out cubes. Moreover, not only will this be a form of storage it also provides an eye-catching display of items. If you want to display the items that have sentimental value to you and your family then this is one of the best options. That said, in this article, we are here with the top 10 12-cube organizers of 2021.

List of Best 12-Cube Organizers in 2021 on Amazon.com

#10. GREENSTELL 12-cube organizer

#10. GREENSTELL 12-cube organizer

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This particular 12 cube organizer is fitted with multiple features. One of the features that stands out from other cube organizers on the current market is the versatility. In case you didn’t know this particular 12 cube organizer can be expanded into larger shelves by just adding additional slots. However, these slots have to be purchased separately but this will save more space as it can be seamlessly attached. Not only this but each and every slot is water and moisture resistant. This means that unlike heavy wooden shelves, they do not look unappealing as they age.

In addition to this, the whole kit comes with a useful rubber mallet, screws, and washers, straps, and plastic connectors. This will save time as the buyers already have everything they need for convenient installation. However, if the customer is experiencing difficulties there is also an instruction manual included. This is truly the most simple and useful 12 cube organizers out there on the current market.

#9. SONGMICS kid 12-cube organizer

#9. SONGMICS kid 12-cube organizer

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Beautiful colors and astonishing graphics will surely be loved by children. This SONGMIC kid 12-cube organizer offers a variety of colors and graphics perfect for children. First of all, it has an overall theme of astronomy, younger kids love space and they would always dream to be an astronaut. Besides, it is very eye-catching and attractive to children it also provides plenty of storage. With the included door on each shelf, it makes sure that the children will not knock things over by accident.

In addition to this, each compartment is adjustable and can be stacked into any shape you can think of. For the parents out there worry no more this is very easy to assemble, has good storage capacity, and is durable. An option worth considering for your kids as it has most of the features that children need.

#8. UNICOO plastic 12-cube organizer, Unicoo – Multi Use DIY 12 cube Organizer

#8. UNICOO plastic 12-cube organizer

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A 12-cube organizer that is unique and compact for every household owner. The organizer has different labels on each shelf for easy access and prevents confusion. In addition to this what is truly unique about this product is that you can either use the slots separately or stack them all together to save space. The steel frames will surely exceed your expectations for its durability as it can withstand a very heavy load. Nevertheless, this organizer will be a very useful everyday storage system as it has a reasonably sized capacity.

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As for the assembly process, it is very simple there is even an instruction manual attached inside just in case. Despite the sturdy steel frame, the plastic base is also very sturdy and it is also eco-friendly. This organizer will last you several years without any issues.

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#7. Better Homes and Gardens 12-cube organizer

#7. Better Homes and Garden 12-cube organizer

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A luxurious feel to this unique wooden 12-cube organizer from better homes and gardens. This specific organizer has a fine brushed wooden finish that will guarantee to catch the eye of the visitors anyone who has seen it will say likewise. In addition to its luxurious feel, it also is very sturdy and can hold heavy items inside and above it. It is made of premium quality material that can be displayed in the living room to impress any guest that visits. Not only this but the capacity of each slot is big enough to hold a basket. Therefore, you do not have to worry about squeezing larger items into it.

This particular cube organizer is also easy to assemble and install all while still being sturdy. In addition to this, the organizers come in different textures that you can choose from. There are endless possibilities for the way you choose to display the items and the shelves.

#6. Better Homes 12-cube organizer, Better Homes and Gardens 12-cube Organizer

#6. Better Homes 12-cube organizer

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A plain white 12-cube organizer is simple yet effective. This organizer is a well-rounded product as it serves its purpose perfectly. The organizer is easy to assemble and in case you need help, there are picture instructions to guide you. Even though the product is only a plain white 12 cube organizer it does not mean that it is plain. This product is like a blank canvas and any item stored or displayed on it will stand out amongst the rest. In addition to this, it could also be placed horizontally or vertically.

Since there are many possibilities it means that this is up to our creativity to enhance aesthetics. However, this organizer is not made of wood but an MDF board instead. This does not mean that it is bad, MDF is often lighter and is easier to manage compared to an expensive wooden piece. This organizer is surely the best option for any simple and creative people out there.

#5. C&AHOME 12-cube organizer 

#5. C&AHOME 12-cube organizer

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A unique and seamless design unlike any other organizers on the market. The translucent plastic sheets will make sure the items on the shelves could be seen. Even though it might look simple it is truly a modern design that will surely attract many people. In addition to this, these cubes are detachable which means that you can arrange it in any order that satisfies you. The high-quality material presented on these products is out of this world. Although it might seem flimsy, the plastic and steel frame will be sure to last you several years even with heavy use.

Not to mention this cube organizer has plenty of room for storage. It also is very easy to assemble and install since the pieces fit perfectly together. Therefore, no issues will arise upon the assembly process. A creative and unique organizer that is durable yet attractive. This organizer is perfect for a family or personal use in any household.

#4. SONGMICS 12-cube organizer

#4. SONGMICS 12-cube organizer

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This particular 12 cube organizer is unlike any other. The 12 slots will fit many items since the storage is adequate. What is so special about this organizer is that the side panels are plastic and the frames are stainless steel. Therefore, this means that this product is stain proof, waterproof, and durable all at the same time. The smooth plastic surface is easy to clean and also it is durable which means that small sharp objects will not easily tear the side panels. In addition to this, the panels are translucent which means that the options for decorating it are endless.

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This piece can fit in any type of household since it is colorless and seamless. Most people might think that the assembly process will be difficult for something that looks like this. However, for this cube organizer it is very simple and if you still end up struggling there will always be an instruction manual included. This organizer can set the atmosphere in whichever room it is placed in making it very versatile. The perfect option or a simple organizer that can stand out.

#3. NEATERIZE 12-Cube Organizers

#3. NEATERIZE 12-cube organizer

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Limitless options that you can choose from NEATERIZE 12 cube organizer has it all. The variety of colors that this product offers is astonishing. Beautiful fabric quality that is both durable and eye-catching for the general buyers. However, this is no ordinary 12-cube organizer, this one has 9 large shelves and 3 smaller shelves on top. By having different sized shelves different sized items can fit flusher without any internal movements. There are also fabric baskets included with the purchase, these baskets will surely keep your items safe.

In addition to this, the whole set is adjustable which means that the arrangement of the shelves is up to our creativity. Not only will it store your belongings, but this organizer will also truly elevate the aesthetics of the room it is in. Not to mention, the weight of this product is very light so the assembly process will not be an issue. This organizer is very versatile and each part is adjustable. Therefore, the options of style and shape will be infinite. Finally, it is also safer for children as there are no sharp points or sides on this organizer so it is perfect for younger children as well.

#2. TOMCARE 12-Cube Organizers

#2. TOMCARE 12-cube organizer

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5 steps are all you need to assemble this cube organizer. Even though it only requires 5 steps, this organizer will stay in shape no matter what you put it through. Reinforced steel bars with high-quality plastic panels will not tear or break. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it also has many features that will provide the user with ease and satisfaction. The first feature that stands out amongst the other 12 cube organizers is the waterproofing of the plastic panels. Unlike other wooden or fabric organizers, this one does not soak in water and can keep your belongings in mint condition. Secondly, this particular type of plastic is also stained repellent.

Any type of stain can be easily wiped out with only a wet towel. Not to mention the ease of assembly of this product. This organizer can be arranged in any order and it will still hold its shape. Children can freely play around this organizer without having to worry since there are no sharp or pointed edges. In addition, the capacity of this organizer is big enough and it can easily fit most of the household items. This is an option not to ignore as it comes with many benefits and can make your life simpler.

#1. CLOSETMAID 12-Cube Organizers, Closetmaid Premium 12-cube Organizer

#1. CLOSETMAID 12-cube organizer

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This is a Closetmaid premium 12-cube organizer organizer with style and variety of colors and texture to choose from. The style that was implemented into this organizer is very unique. Not only do they provide limitless colors they also have different texture and patterns for a wider range of options. This is one of those organizers that sets the atmosphere in any room. Besides this, the organizer also provides spacious slots for item storage. It also comes with 6 back panels that can be added into any slot to enhance the aesthetics. These slots are large enough to fit full-sized baskets and this is useful for storing smaller items.

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In addition to this, the manufactured wood that is used to make this sturdy organizer is able to withstand heavy load in and above it effortlessly. Since the design is simple and plain it brings in many benefits and advantages to the product.

Firstly, the organizer comes with a simple assembly manual and is easy to install. Secondly, thanks to its shape it can fit almost anywhere in the room. Finally, since it is a 3 by 4 square it can either be placed vertically or horizontally. This makes the product versatile and easy to use.

Buyers Guides:

People often get confused when trying to pick out the perfect organizer. This can be difficult due to the fact that each and every organizer serves its own purpose. However, this is why this buying guide is here to help you choose the ideal 12-cube organizer that suits your exact needs. There are many features that help a person determine what is considered a good choice.


When we look at the material, we need to make sure that it is durable. The product can be made of wood, plastic, or even fabric. Each material has its own ups and downs and we need to know what type of wood or plastic it is. We also need to know what items we are using the organizer to store so we can choose a material that is sturdy enough to hold it up.


The design depends on what and where the buyer is buying this 12-cube organizer. It can be for the living room or for personal use. As most of the 12-cube organizers are detachable you can position it in any way that you desire. Make sure that the shape and size can fit flush into the designated place.


It would be beneficial for the organizer to have a waterproof layer or a stain-proof coating. This will shorten and make the cleaning time less stressful. This is compulsory when the organizer is being placed near children as it can make the mess easier to deal with.


The most important part of buying anything is safety. This should come first when considering a product of any sort. Make sure that the edges and points of the cube organizer are blunt so that there will be no serious accidents that can occur.

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The main purpose of the organizer is to save space and time. This is why we have to make sure that there are no further issues raised from the purchase. The most important part is to make sure that the purchase was not regretful. We have to look into the product detail to make sure that this particular product is the one we want. Overall, this is our top 10 picks for a 12-cube organizer that might appeal to the mass audience. We guarantee that these will not disappoint any buyers.

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