Automatic vacuum cleaners are also called robot vacuum cleaners. They are a great addition to any home helping you perform a wide range of cleaning chores. Automatic vacuum cleaners stand out from the rest since they can navigate obstacles. These vacuum cleaners don’t work in a straight line. Some of the robot vacuums clean in circular motions attacking stains and spills in the house. They easily evade obstacles due to built-in sensors. They can also hug corners thus preventing the accumulation of dust in the corners. Getting an automatic vacuum cleaner in your home is a brilliant idea.

However, you must first choose the best automatic vacuum cleaners from hundreds of models in the market. Not all automatic vacuum cleaners are made the same. One must carefully research and choose the best. This is where we come in and help you find the best and top-rated vacuum cleaners in the market. Our reviews narrow down your search for robot vacuum cleaners to only 10 picks. Check them out below and choose one that best suits your needs.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Table of the Best Automatic Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

10. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair, Carpets & Hard Floors

This is a pretty decent automatic vacuum cleaner to start our list. It is a premium quality cleaner with a 3-stage cleaning system. The vacuum first loosens the dirt before lifting and suctioning it. It is a versatile vacuum that collects dirt, hair, and dust from carpet and floors. This is a dual multi-surface brush vacuum hat collects small and large debris. Besides, the vacuum features an automatic head adjustment to clean different surfaces with ease. In addition, the vacuum features intelligent sensors for easy navigation of obstacles. There is a further edge sweeping brush designed to sweep dirt from corners at 27 degrees angle. Overall, this is an advanced robot vacuum that connects with Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice commanding.

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  • Easy voice commanding due to Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Sweeps edges and corners due to an angled brush
  • Patented dirt detect sensors
  • Cleans efficiently in three stages

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9. ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors & Carpets

This is a powerful design robot cleaner that comes ready to handle any mess.  It is a versatile vacuum cleaner the main brush and two side brushes. The vacuum cleaner sweeps, lifts, and vacuums hence extremely versatile. Besides, this vacuum cleaner easily connects with Google Assistant and Alexa for easy voice commands. This is an advanced robotic vacuum with easy controls and use. It also features increased suction power of up to 2X to handle the toughest messes. Moreover, the vacuum comes with a long battery life of 110 minutes on a single charge. Overall, this is a premium robotic vacuum with anti-collision and anti-drop features. You also get a basic 1-year warranty.


  • More cleaning due to long battery life
  • 2 times suction power thus handles tough stains and messes
  • Versatile cleaning due to the main brush and two-side brushes
  • Safe and secure due to anti-drop and anti-collision sensors

8. eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaners –  Quiet Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is a slim design automatic vacuum cleaner and one of the best picks in the industry. It is a best-selling automatic vacuum cleaner with over 9K reviews. The vacuum features increased suction powers to handle tough messes. Besides, it runs quietly an increases speed after every 1.5s. This is a perfect vacuum cleaner with a battery life of 100 minutes. You can continually clean hardwood floors with powerful and consistent power for 100 minutes. Overall, this is a premium vacuum cleaner with an anti-scratch tempered glass top. It also features infrared sensors to help evade obstacles when vacuuming.


  • Evades obstacles due to infrared sensors
  • Safe and protected due to anti-scratch tempered glass cover
  • Long-lasting battery that powers the vacuum consistently for 100 minutes
  • Quiet running without disturbing noises

7. Shark IQ R101AE Wi-Fi Home Mapping Robot Vacuum With Auto Dock

This is another advanced design automatic vacuum cleaner to consider buying. It is a unique design vacuum with a self-empty base. The vacuum cleaner can hold up to 30 days of dirt before emptying. Besides, the vacuum features by far the most powerful suction to handle small and large debris. In addition, this vacuum features a self-cleaning brush-roll to remove dirt and pet hair with ease. This is a great feature that helps prevent hair wrapping. Overall, this is a great buy vacuum that allows for easy scheduling. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice commands.

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  • Whole-home scheduling hence easy to use
  • Powerful suction power thus handles the most stubborn dirt
  • Supports voice commands due to Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Self-emptying base

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6. GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Charging

This is another powerful robotic vacuum cleaner with 1600PA suction power. It is a perfect vacuum for the hardwood floors. The intense vacuum suction easily picks up bread crumbs, dust, and dirt on the floor. This is an efficient and intelligent vacuum cleaner that navigates the floor and evades obstacles. Moreover, the vacuum returns to the charging base when in low power to recharge. This is a low-profile vacuum cleaner to easily get under beds and seats. The vacuum also features multiple cleansing modes for effortless cleaning. It also comes ready for use with everything you need including 2AAA batteries.


  • Powerful 1600pa suction hence removes stubborn dirt
  • Easy navigation
  • Returns to charging base when on a low charge to recharge
  • Cleans under the bed and floors due to a low-profile

5. Premium Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner – 1500Pa Powerful Suction

This is a high-capacity battery automatic vacuum cleaner to consider buying. The vacuum features a powerful built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery can run continuously for 100 hours cleaning a wide area. It is a dependable vacuum cleaner with top-notch performances. Besides, the cleaner adopts the 360-degree anti-collusion feature. It can avoid obstacles and clean floors without monitoring. Moreover, this vacuum is versatile and can handle both hardwood floor dirt and low pile carpet. The ultra-thin design also allows for seamless movement under seats and beds. Overall, this is an efficient automatic vacuum with a 3-point cleaning system.


  • Holds more dirt due to a large 650ml dust box
  • 360-degree anti-collusion
  • Top-performance and powerful suction
  • Gets under beds due to an ultra-thin design

4. eufy RoboVac 30C Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is another convenient design robot vacuum cleaner to consider buying. It is an advanced vacuum cleaner that connects to various apps hence easy operation from your phone. Besides, the vacuum is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands. This is a slim automatic vacuum cleaner to get under beds and seats. It also features an upgraded 1500pa suction power to handle tough debris. Overall, this is a quiet cleaning robot cleaner with up 100 minutes of continuous use. The vacuum cleaner also comes with everything you need for immediate use.


  • Comes ready to use since it includes everything
  • Powerful suction
  • Long-lasting battery with 100 minutes runtime
  • Gets under beds and chairs due to a slim profile
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3. Neoto Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum

This is a laser-guided automatic vacuum and another excellent buy. It is simple and easy to control a robotic vacuum. The vacuum features intuitive and easy controls hence easy to operate. You get complete home vacuuming at a simple touch of a button. Besides, the vacuum features a large capacity dustbin of 0.7 litres. This helps avoid frequent emptying. The vacuum cleans your home in a straight line due to the laser mapping technology. It is an advanced vacuum with Alexa and Google integration hence easy voice commands.


  • Better cleaning without random patterns due to laser-guided technology
  • Easy to use due to simple and intuitive controls
  • Versatile floor and carpet cleaning

2. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

This is another premium quality robot vacuum that cleans in three stages. The vacuum will first loosen the dirt, lift it and suction it from the floor or carpet. It is a versatile vacuum with dual multi-surface brushes. The brushes work together to grab debris, dust, and dirt. It addition, this vacuum features patented dirt detector sensors. They can detect dirt and put more effort into the most dirt areas of the floor. There are also infrared sensors that enable easy and seamless navigation of the vacuum. Overall, this is a decent quality vacuum cleaner that runs for 90 minutes continuously.


  • Long-lasting battery thus runs for 90 minutes continuously
  • Edge sweeping due to uniquely design 27-degree brush
  • Patented dirt detect sensors for efficient vacuuming
  • Dual multi-surface brushes

1. BISSELL EV675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

This is our final best robot vacuum cleaner and a pretty decent selection. It is a leading robot vacuum cleaner with excellent features to buy with confidence. The vacuum features dual edge brushes and a further rotating brush roll. You can be sure of cleaning every part of the floor to the corners with ease. Moreover, the vacuum features a powerful suction collecting pet hair and huge debris. You can also schedule your cleaning such that the vacuum works when away from home. Overall, this is a smart vacuum cleaner with a powerful lithium-ion battery. That battery lasts for 100 hours.


  • A triple-action cleaning system
  • Under furniture cleaning due to low profile design
  • Detects stairs and obstacles due to sensors
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery with 100 minutes runtime

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best automatic vacuum cleaners on the market. The vacuum cleaners are the best on the market to buy with confidence today. Go right ahead and analyze them before choosing one that suits your needs. You can never go wrong choosing a vacuum cleaner from our exclusive