When you have to travel with your kids, their safety and comfort are the most important factors you have to pay attention to. It’s also important to provide them with the most comfortable bed, so they could enjoy their time and sleep soundly. But what is the best choice for you for Best Toddler Travel Beds?

Here is a list of 10 Best Toddler Travel Beds

10. Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed by The Shrunks

This one has a signature sheet-tuck feature which allows the sheet to tuck in safely and neatly. It is perfect for hanging out, picnic and travel. It is also designed with an inner layer mattress for a warm bed.

You only have to inflate it for 30 seconds. It is durable, light-weighted, and strong. It is deflated with the electric pump. It has won the Babbles award for the best toddler travel bed.

You’ll also get a gift included in your purchase which is a Jetaire electric pump. Their innovative technology will allow your children to have a wonderful moment and lovely memories when they use the bed. The company also provides a lifetime warranty. It is noise proof which allows them to move whichever way they want.

09. Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress Bed With Safety Bumper by ELTOW

With a removable mattress and a free speed pump, you surely will not regret choosing this brand. Wherever you are, you can always pack the bed for your children.

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It attached with a silky-soft velvet layer on the top and the cotton soft material inside the bed. They also advanced the anti-leak valve to keep the bed full of air throughout the night. It is made with non-toxic chemicals which can guarantee that there is no harm to your children.

It comes with 1 high-speed pump, 1 travel bag, 1-bed bumper, and 2 fix patches. Their removable mattress allows you to easily tuck your clean sheet or remove the old sheet. You will not need to worry about your children rolling off the bed because the bed comes with a protective bumper on each side of the bed.

08. Toddler Inflatable Bed by Little sleepy head

As of this one, you only need to inflate the bed for 1 minute to get the perfect and comfy bed for your children. It can be used anywhere and anytime you want. It is soundproof and sturdy. The bed can hold up to 300 pounds. You will get an extra sheet for the mattress when you purchase the product.

The bed is also attached with rails on both sides to ensure your children’s safety and comfy. Your kids will love it so much, they would only want to sleep in this particular bed.

07. Inflatable Toddler Travel Beds with Safety Bumpers by SKM

The whole thing is portable and washable. They’re also a leak-resistance valve which keeps the air intact. You can use it in the pool, on the sand, and on the grass with no worry at all. It only needs 30 seconds to inflate the bed.

You will also get a lifetime warranty with great customer service. There are also bumpers protection and security rails that help prevent your kids from falling off the bed. It is most suitable for camping and doing activities outdoor.

06. Toddler Air Mattress with Sides by BABYSEATER

This product comes with a set of repair kits which includes a travel pillow and an electric air pump. It can withstand high and heavy pressure. You can inflate the bed in less than 30 seconds. It has a soft and silky which give off a comfy feeling and let your kids enjoy their sleep to the fullest.
It is built with an extra bumper to keep your kids intact in the bed without falling or rolling out. It can withstand the rough and hot weather outside or inside easily.

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05. Inflatable Toddler Beds with Bed Rails by Emma + Ollie

This brand also gives you a free travel bag with an electric pump easily to go with the toddler bad. It is made with a quiet velvet material that allows your kid to toss and turn in their bed with no squeaky noise at all. It also transforms from a crib to a normal bed for your kid whenever you want.

The company also manufactures the bed to be extra-large for your kids that when they become bigger, they can still use this bed. It is long-lasting and durable. The bed is also attached with bumpers and rails; your kids will never fall off their bed.

04. Kids Travel Bed Set by Intex

Intex has a unique feature in which you can separate the sleeping surface from the actual bed or leave it on. If you leave it on, you will get a secure and tight tuck of sheet which allows your kids to move around in their beds however they want.

The frame of the bed provides a secure and safe gadget to hold your kids in the bed. There also various selections of colors for you to choose from. It is produced to make your child feel safe and comfortable while using the bed.

03. Inflatable Toddler Travel Beds EnerPlex

Enerplex is created with a soft and skin-friendly surface. There are a lot of accessories that include in the package which are carried bed, external pump, adaptors for both AC/AD plugs, and 3 nozzles. There 3 nozzles included for outside usage as well. It is manufactured with high-quality flocking and never-leak technology.

The mattress is strong and long-lasting that can withstand different types of conditions. It can be both a crib and a normal bed. This makes your kid more comfortable to use even if they have grown up.

It is easily inflated within 30 seconds. If there is any problem, you can always contact their customer service team. They also provide a lifetime warranty on the product.

02. Portable Blow Up Bed for Children by Hugbino

The light-weighted and sturdy bed will keep your kid safe and comfy at the same time. It is soundproof and leak-proof, and it has an oversized wall that keeps your children safe and intact. You can easily inflate and deflate the product. It is machine washable and removable mattress.

It is made of soft and silky materials that cause no harm to your kids and keep them warm and cozy all night long. They also include a hand pump and a travel bag when you purchase. You will also get a lifetime warranty with fast and reliable customer service.

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01. Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed by Sleepah

Sleepah beds and mattresses are also removable. The product was created based on the parents’ perspective which calls for safety and comfy of their children. So, this particular product held a high quality and user-friendly tool.

The product fits into any type of bag. It is leak-proof and soundproof. They are made with dual valves that prevent the air from leaking during the nighttime.

You will get an inflated pillow with several size head pump, a plush toy, and a travel bag. The warranty lasts for a whole lifetime. All of the products come in a carry bag in which you can store everything you will ever need when traveling.

Buying Guide:

Provided above are the 10 best toddler travel beds in 2019. After you have seen all the best products above, it is time for some guides to find which bed is suitable for you and your beloved children. Features, details, and quality are the tips you need to know when you have to purchase this particular product.


Some brands have their own unique features that set themselves apart from other brands. If you want an easy and a DIY thing, you will need to find a product with a full set of pumps, mattresses, and beds.

If your kids like to turn around in their beds, then you will need extra bumpers and rails for better protection. If you want your kids and yourself to have a peaceful sleep, you might need a soundproof or leak-proof bed. If you love to go outside a lot, you may need a bed that can withstand all kinds of weather.


There are many details about specific products. Some beds have double valves that prevent air from leaking. The others have a removable sheet and mattress. Some take more time to inflate and deflate while some use only a small amount of time.

There are special gifts and accessories attached to some products. You would also get a lifetime warranty to your product or you would receive fast and reliable customer service. You would consider between machine washable or hand wash.


Most of the materials used in the product are of normal quality. But if you want a good quality product, there are a few selections you can choose from. There is a 100% cotton mattress. A soft and velvet sheet which is comfortable and cozy for your kids.

And, any skin-friendly material is also a good option for sensitive skin. Some are manufactured in accordance with the U.S standard. Hence, choose informatively.